My new transformation project

Hello… okay I am going to admit before I begin that this may not be the most inspirational blog post (I know probably not the best thing to say to grab your attention but I think I should say). I am going to share with you something that I am in no way proud of…. my living room. If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that the one room I don’t really photograph or only photograph small sections of it is my living room. Well here is why, I hate it, but….. I am about to start a very exciting project, upcycling and redoing it!!!

So I thought I’d document my transformation of my living room on this blog over the coming few weeks. I am going to start at the beginning and share with you (rather embarrassingly) my living room as it currently is and then I will do blog posts on how I change each area to make it more to my taste.

Okay let’s go….

This is the door into my living room. In this picture there looks like there is a stain on the carpet by the door, in real life there isn’t. I find this door way depressing it looks like a rented house and I do find that most rented houses (not all) but most look tired and depressing. I want to lighten this area make it feel more welcoming and homely.

When you come through the door to the right is this section. I recently painted the pink magazine holder, it was originally orange pine. This was my first living room project. Now you may be thinking why is there a small chair on the sofa, it’s the cats chair. It is not my choice to have it on the sofa, but he’s chosen that’s where he sits and I’ve had to go along with it. I’ve never been keen on the colour of this sofa but I can’t change my sofa so I have decided to blend all the colours that I use in the room with it, so it doesn’t stand out so much.

This is a bit more of the sofa we have a corner sofa so it’s quite large, but it does fit really nicely under the stairs. The mustard blanket is also a new attention and a new colour I want to add to the living room to brighten it up. The picture on the wall I really hate. My husband chose it, I haven’t worked out yet how to tell him I want to get rid of it as it doesn’t go with the new living room decor I have planned or if I will win that battle but I am going to try and change the picture.

This picture shows you how the sofa fits under the stairs, perfectly.

This corner seems to have become the dumping ground for a whole load of crap. I have no ideas for this area yet apart from clearing out all the clutter and painting the little side table.

This is like a little work station area. The shelves and the top of the black cabinet are full of my husband’s stuff and the black cabinet is full of my stationary and craft stuff. The stool on the wall is the cats escape bed for when he wants to get away from my little boy, which is often so that will be staying. The white box has been recently painted in the colours I want in the room, it was black and the paint was peeling before. My plan with this area is to beautify and organise it. I’m going to paint the cabinet and the shelves and possibly the baskets (It depends on what they look like).

This is a little window at the bottom of the stairs at the moment it seems to have become (once again) a dumping ground, so it just needs painting and organising and maybe adding a nice plant.

Excuse the 3 sign that is still up from my little boys birthday. The footstool needs a bit of tlc. I’m thinking I may re-cover it but I’m not sure yet.

We have lovely big patio doors leading out to the garden which I just want to make feel less dark. Our pvc around the doors is brown which does make the house feel darker, but I can’t change that so I have to work with it. The curtains are new so they will be staying.

We have a teeny tiny house. We don’t have a dining room but I like to eat at a table and eat with my child at a table because that was how I was brought up. This room would probably look a lot less cluttered without this table but in my opinion it’s one of my must haves. My husband made this so that it fitted nicely into the corner but it needs some work done to it because for me this area sticks out like a sore thumb and just doesn’t work. The first thing I plan to do is paint the table, cabinet and chairs all in the same colour, re-cover the chairs and do something with the top of the table. I also need to work out whether to leave the chairs where they are or move them.

I hate this fire, but I’ve been told I can’t take it out (it doesn’t even work). So I have to work with it. I am going to paint the bit the fire is sitting on and add some nice decoration but apart from that I have no idea what to do with it so I will be coming to all of you for some suggestions.

Now despite the obvious, the wires, that need tidying I like this little table that the tv sits on, it is going to be painted but as far as tv areas go I’m okay with this.

And then we are back at the door.

As I live in a rented house there are things I can’t touch, the pvc, the carpet (yucky green) and the fire and there are things I can’t change because we can’t afford to the sofa and the curtains so I have to work with these things and use them so they fit into what I want to do.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post (and it hasn’t been too boring) watch this space to see how I transform it.

Thank you for reading, if you like my blog please follow.

Love Claire x

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