My autumn home shop haul

Hello… my little boy “officially” started pre school this week, so on his first morning I eased the pain by going on an autumn shopping trip, (It helped).

I love autumn, I love the changing colours, the falling leaves, warm clothes, the candles and all the cosiness that comes with this time of year. I love the concept of hygge that hunkering down with family and friends and feeling snug and contented with life.

I’m quite a sensory type of person, if my senses are happy I’m happy and for me autumn is all about satisfying that.

I love candles, they instantly bring in the feeling of cosy so that was my first buy. This one is from Asda it was only £6 and it smells amazing, it’s called Woodland Spice Walk in the Woods and it says that it lasts for 22 hours.

This candle was one I won and I have to give it a mention on here as it smells amazing and it is part of my autumn collection. The ladies company is called Place Beyond she has a lovely Instagram account @placebeyond_ check her out.

My next candle was in the sale, it was from sainsburys. I bought it because I love the colour mustard and that’s one of the colours I have in my living room, but I do also find mustard to be a very autuminal colour. The scent of this candle in Bergamot and Black Pepper. I’m not sure if they will have any left but worth checking out, It was reduced to £4.66.

Along with my love of candles I do have a bit of a thing for candle holders . This little tea light holder was also from Asda and was £2. I like it because it reminds me of a pumpkin but isn’t one. I’m not really into pumpkin decor but this is just a hint of a pumpkin.

This is more of a cute lantern style it was £2.29 from The Range.

I like my home to smell welcoming, I like having a room spray that lasts and smells delicious. I got this one from Homesense and I highly recommend it, it smells so nice, the scent is Pecan and Pumpkin seed and it was only £4.99.

Autumn for me is all about making every room in my house warmer, cosier and more snug.

I haven’t added much to my living room because it is about to painted and have a big makeover so I mainly concentrated on making the bedrooms more snug.

Firstly my little boys rooms. This is his new bedding and cushions from Asda (they have some lovely pieces). The cushion was £5 the bedding was £10 and the grey throw was £6.

This cushion for his room was £11 from B&Q.

Our room is predominantely grey with hints of pink but I decided for autumn to warm it up a bit by adding some more pink and creamy tones with hints of grey.

The bedding was from Asda and it was £14 for a king size, it feels really nice and cosy and the cream throw was £20 from Wilkinson’s. Also the pear was £4.99 from Homsense.

The other rooms in my house I have just added candles and may add a few things that I make along the way.

I hope you enjoyed my autumn shopping haul post thank you for reading. If you would like to see more please follow me.

Love Claire x

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