Hanging puff ball decorations.

Hello… This is my second blog post on homemade birthday decorations.

So I had seen on Pinterest these, (what I call hanging puff balls), I’m sure that’s not the technical term, but I fell in love with them and wanted to see if I could make some.

I found out on Pinterest how to do it and they were so easy to make. I made all of the above in one evening.

What you need…

I used 8 sheets of tissue paper per puff ball apart from the white ones where I used 5 sheets. The sheets were about 20 mm wide.


Wire cutters


Ribbon, measure out the different lengths you want.

Drawing pins, or whatever you want to use to hook them up.

What you need to do…

1. Fold the tissue paper over and over into an accordian shape.

2. Fold the accordian in half to find the middle and cut a piece of wire long enough to make a knot and then a loop at the top.

As you can see from my picture the wire bit does not need to be neat, no one is going to see it, just tie a knot and make a loop .

3. Then you need to cut then ends into a curve. I found it quite hard to cut through the thickness of tissue paper so I recommend sharp scissors and not worrying too much if not exact, mine weren’t and they looked fine.

4. Then you need to fan out one half of the accordian and separate one sheet of tissue paper at a time, be careful not to rip the paper. This will form one half of the ball. You may have to make adjustments so it looks right.

5. Then repeat on the other side and this is what you end up with.

6. Finally you need to measure the length of ribbon you need it and thread it through the wire loop and tie a knot and hang it. I did several balls and hung them at different heights.

I also made 2 smaller white puff balls using only 5 sheets of paper. You can make bigger ones just add more pieces of tissue paper. You could try mixing in another colour or tone to create a different affect maybe red and pink, tag me in your pictures on Instagram if you try this so I can see what that looks like.

Thanks for reading this blog post if you would like to see more please follow me.

Love Claire x

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