Birthday balloon door wreath.

Hellooo… so it was my little boys 3rd birthday this week. I love birthdays especially his and I love to decorate the house in decorations. I thought that I would show you this week how I made 2 of those decorations. I’ll do a separate post for the second one or this one will go on forever.

So I wanted something to hang from the door. I had a look on Pinterest for some inspiration and I came up with a balloon wreath. My little boy has an obsession with balloons so this was perfect.

What do you need to make this…

A 25 cm polystyrene wreath mine was £3 from Hobbycraft

Approx 100 small balloons. I got mine from an online company You get 100 for £13.75

Approx 15 larger balloons

Pins with little balls on the top

10 metres of 24mm width ribbon, you could use a bigger width you’ll just need less length.

How to make it…

1. Tie the end of the ribbon around the wreath and tie a knot then wrap your ribbon around the wreath.

Wrap the ribbon all around. Then secure it with it as many pins as you need. I used 3 just push them in.

2. Then you take 2 of the small balloons and you fold over the tops, overlapping them. Like this….

3. Then you need to get a pin and put it through the fold. You can put it through either side depending the look you like. I did various. This way.

Or this way.

Then you stick them into the wreath.

4. You keep doing this all around. Put whichever colours you want together. You will be able to see where the next lot needs to go. In some places I just stuck one balloon in.

5. With the larger balloons I blew them up a bit and the pinned them into the wreath where they looked right.

6. Then you keep pinning folded balloons around it. It is all about looking at it and seeing where bigger balloons look best and which colours to put where.

7. As you can see I let the sides of the wreath balloon free.

8. The final thing you need to do is measure how much ribbon you need to hang the ribbon where you want. I found where I wanted the ribbon to go on the wreath. I folded the ribbon in half and tied it on. The pictures below show how I did it.

And there you have it a finished balloon wreath.

Thank you for reading this blog post, if you would like to see more please follow me.

Also take a look at my second blog post which is about how I made what I call hanging puff balls (I don’t think that’s the technical term), but take a look.

Love Claire x

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