My shopping haul.

Hello… This week I’ve been on a bit of a shopping spree to pick up various home things to make my house look more pretty and to add some more colour. Some pieces I bought to keep how they are and other pieces I bought to upcycle and to make them into how I want them to be. So I thought that in today’s post I’d give you a tour of what I bought and what I’m thinking I may do with them.

Some of my buys are from charity shops. I love going to charity shops you can find some brilliant finds and you can find things that are not quite your style and change them for little money. I’ll start with the things from my charity shop haul.

This is my first find it was £2.99. I’m going to use it as a vase for some artificial flowers but I’m undecided on whether to change it, I quite like the design and the colours but it depends on whether I can find a space in my home decor where it fits.

My clocks, both of these cost £3 each. My little boy has recently got a fascination for clocks and has taken our living room clock for his bedroom. It is a clock with Roman numerals and I wanted him to have one with numbers to make it easier for him. So the metal one is for his room but I’m thinking that I will paint it either grey, or a sage green to fit in with his bedroom. The other one is for the kitchen because I’m fed up of having to go into the living room every time I need to know the time. I’m going to paint it either pink, white or grey, I’ll use a chalk paint to do this.

This little find was 75p. It is a tea light holder and it is just so cute. I love the colour and it goes really well in our bedroom next to….

This one which I bought for £1.25. It is also a candle holder and they just look so cute in our bedroom, the colours really compliment with the grey in there. I’m going to leave them as they are.

This jug is my final charity shop find. I’m going to use this for artificial flowers too. I don’t like the colour of it so I will definitely be upcycling it. I’m thinking that it will go into our living room. I haven’t touched our living room yet and there are lots of upcycling projects to do in there. I think I’ve decided on my colour palette for the living room (if I can convince my husband).So I’m thinking my jug will probably either go sage or a mint green, pink or white with a pinky and green pattern (which would be a bit more adventurous).

I bought some artificial flowers in Wilkinson’s they came to £22 and I made my own arrangement, I do have some sprigs left over to make a couple more bunches. The little vase was also from Wilko. I bought it a few months ago I think it was £3 but I can’t be sure and I can’t find it on their website so I’m guessing they may not be selling it anymore. This bunch of flowers is for our bedroom and they look so nice against the candle holders.

My last shop was in the Range.

I bought this sweet little tea light lantern, it was only £2.99, which I thought was a real bargain.

I always had this thing against artificial flowers, I always thought that the real thing looked so much better, but I’ve been turned, the range of artificial flowers that are around look so good and they don’t die which is a definite bonus. This was £5.99. It is a really simple arrangement and I love it. At the moment it is sitting my kitchen, I’m not sure if that’s it’s final place but it fits there for now.

This arrangement was slightly more expensive at £12.99 but I think it was worth it. It is a beautiful splash of bright colours and so much cheaper than you would pay in other shops. I’m delighted with it. I have a very dark landing and it just brightens the whole space.

That’s my shopping haul, I hope you enjoyed seeing what I bought.

Thank you for reading. Please follow if you’d like to see more.

Love Claire x

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