Fruit bowl upcycle

Hello lovely people a few weeks ago I decided to give my fruit bowl a makeover.

I went through a faze of having everything neutral and natural, but over the last few months I’ve found it boring and wanted to inject some colour. As this is quite a new bowl I didn’t want to buy a new one and I also wanted to stamp my personality on to it, which is what I love about upcycling you can make things your own.

This was my fruit bowl a very normal wooden bowl from ikea which I love because it’s simple in shape and holds lots of fruit.

How did I do it?

Well firstly I sanded it down and cleaned it with some sugar soap.

Then I turned it upside down and sprayed it with Wilkinson primer. I gave it one coat, left it for 20 mins then turned it over and sprayed the inside. I then left this for 20 mins.

Once it was dry I flipped it back over and used Rust-Oleum satin finish pink champagne paint. I used the satin finish as it was going to live in the kitchen and I wanted it to be easily wipeable. I gave it 2 coats and let it dry for 4 hours in between. It says that it is touch dry after one hour, so you can bring it inside or move it but leave it until it’s properly hard dried before doing a second coat.

I was going to paint the inside of the bowl pink but I decided to try and do something a bit different. So I decided to spray paint it gold. I used Rust-oleum metallic gold spray paint.

Now I’ll be honest with you this was not quite as easy as when I’ve spray painted other things because it’s curved and the curve is inside so harder to get to (I hope that makes sense). My advice is to just lightly spray from one angle let that dry (it takes 20 minutes) then spray from another angle (let that dry for 20 minuites), keep doing this until all angles have 1 coat and then do the same process to give it a second coat. If you don’t what happened to me will happen to you. I was trying to get coverage on one side and sprayed too much and the paint started to pucker and than ran to the bottom of the bowl. I do though have a solution if this were to happen, just sand back the area and wipe the dust away (obviously once it’s dried) then spray again, it shows on my bowl ever so slightly but as you can see from the picture below you wouldn’t be able to tell.

Once it had dried I sprayed the inside with Polyurethane Finish to seal the paint. This takes 24 hours to dry properly.

The outside didn’t need sealing as it is a satin finish.

I did this upcycle about 2 weeks ago and the gold part cleans easily as does the outside.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed my little blog post. Please follow if you’d like to see more.

Love Claire x

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