My kitchen lamp upcycle

Hello…. so I decided the other day to look into whether it is possible to upcycle a light. I’ve had this light in my kitchen for a long time and to be frank I hate it…

But it has huge sentimental value as it once belonged to a relative who I was very close to, so there has been a part of me that has been unable to get rid of it, but I did want to change it.

I discovered from trusty Google that it could be done. So this week I plucked up the courage to give it a go. I was nervous about this upcycle because this is the first upcycling project that I’d be upset about if I totally screwed it up.

The first thing I did was to lightly sand it all over to rough up the surface so that the paint stuck and then I gave it a good clean with sugar soap. It was really grimy but it came up really well.

Next I put masking tape over the cord, plug, the bit with the bulb in and over the switch.

Then I used Wilkinson’s primer in a spray can and sprayed all over. This was very easy to use, but just keep a bit of distance from the item your spraying and keep moving so you don’t spray heavily in one place or it will run. The can says to leave it for 20 mins before you put the top coat on.

I used a spray paint from good old Wilkinson’s, I chose a pale grey shade to match the existing kitchen which has lots of grey in it and the new pink and gold elements that I am putting in . I did think about doing something more fancy but I think my nerves on this one got the better of me.

So I shook up the can for 2 mins and then lightly sprayed all over and left for another 20 mins and then gave it another coat. It is important to spray lightly and give extra coats than putting a lot on the first time because it will run.

Finally I sprayed on some protective laquer, this time a Rust oleum polyurethane lacquer to seal the paint. I sprayed 1 coat and then sprayed another. It says it takes 24 hours to dry properly so as it was a hot day I just let it stay overnight in the garden.

Here’s what it now looks like.

Hope you enjoyed my little blog post. Please follow if you’d like to see more.

Love Claire

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